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The B2B marketplace is becoming louder, faster, more competitive every day... Buyers are in the drivers seat and decide when they're ready to speak to sales. They expect to find the information they need when they need it, where they need it. Are you guiding their journey?

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The way we communicate with our customers is changing at a rapid pace. Our ability to hyper-target, measure, learn and scale has exploded, marketing tech is becoming accessible to all, automation and data mining have become mainstream. At the same time, B2B customers have become accustom to online shopping, instant customer service & free next -day delivery. Their expectations are changing fast.

Keeping up with the changing demands requires expertise, agile sprints and scalable resources.

We'd love to help.

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"It takes experienced, curious, agile team members to unleash your inherent marketing potential today. That's what we're here for."

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crafting strategies
along your customer's journey...


(a.k.a. Leads)

Build awareness, trust and a leads funnel.
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • ​Website Optimization & Management
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • ​Trade-Shows

Intent & Pipeline

(a.k.a. Pipeline)

Transform leads into customer strategically.
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Nurture Content Development
  • Automation & ABM
  • ​Sales Enablement
  • ​Social Media Management


(a.k.a. CLV)

Optimize growth with listening & delight.
  • Customer Surveys & Interviews
  • ​Delight Programs
  • Customer Events
  • Unique Holiday & Anniversary Outreach
Ready for a Boost?

How it Works

1. We always begin with a half to full day strategy session where we review your immediate needs, your overall business goals, target audience needs, your marketing and messaging strategy and the data points we can learn from.
2. Next, we develop a customer profile document and a custom marketing and messaging recommendation to boost your efforts. You can choose to implement our recommendations on your own or with our help. We provide a proposal along with our a la card options for you to consider.
3. If you'd like us to accelerate your efforts with you, we will get to work right away.


From awareness, to affinity and trust - we work with you to create programs your customers care about.

initial setup & marketing review

Our on-boarding package includes a 6-hour on-boarding session, customer profile development and high-level marketing recommendation development and ensures we deliver solid work for you no matter your needs now or in the future. Contact us to get started.


starting at $100/hour
Want to tap into our team on an ongoing basis? We'll develop a custom proposal for you!


starting at $125/hour
In a pinch and need one or a few resources for just a few hours? Contact us for availability.

Want to Learn More?
We'd love to chat.
Ready to Learn more? Get in touch. During your free 30-minute explorative session with Linda, we will discuss your needs, some initial recommendations and see if my team can help.
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